of various treatment options.


engage with




your health coverage, rights, and responsibilities.

Know what
to ask your

and other providers…
and how best to ask it.


and centers of excellence,
including experimental treatments
and complementary and
alternative (CAM) therapies.

  • Exceptional approach

    The Center for Patient Advocacy is unlike other advocacy programs. Most other advocates employ one of two approaches; they are either nurse/social worker programs or primary care physician (PCP) programs.

  • Striking Results
    We are committed to your satisfaction with our performance. Performance goals will differ for each situation. For example, they may consist of improved health; a thorough literature review or provider search; a team-building session for family, caregivers and providers; or an intervention to hold an insurance company or provider accountable


Welcome to the Center for Patient Advocacy website. Our medically trained team of trusted practitioners stands ready to help you make and act on life-altering medical decisions.


Private Consultation

Please call us at 303-550-8272 to request a private consultation. There is no charge for the first half hour when we will determine whether we can be of service to you. We will respond to you within two business days.

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  • Guidance
    Through collaboration we help guide you through an otherwise challenging experience – easing the stress of difficult decisions you didn’t ask to make. As your physician-level medical advocate, system navigator, and translator, we help you understand and succeed in using our country’s complicated and challenging healthcare system. Whether you need a physician, a nurse case manager, a specialist, a chiropractor, a therapist, a holistic practitioner, or an insurance specialist, our team helps your provider be more effective. Effective providers give better care with better outcomes. We ....
  • Clarity
    There are a myriad of complexities and frustrations when dealing with a life-altering diagnosis or a major healthcare decision. At this crossroad you will need more insight and perspective. We bring clarity to your choices through an approach specifically tailored to you, breaking down the big questions into manageable pieces, promoting efficient decisions. Great clarity gives our clients the confidence to take action. The trick is we also provide guidance when you need to locate necessary necessary resources. Our process involves six fundamental steps: Providing ....
  • Knowledge
    We ensure you have the right information to choose the right care at the right time by the right provider in the right facility consistent with your personal values and preferences.